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A few words about Bharatia Nandanik Parishad....

Bharatia Nandanik Parishad is a music and cultural institute , it's spread all over the India. It is registered under West Bengal Societies Registration Act, 1961.

Bharatia Nandanik Parishad has started the journey in 1989 with a handful of Center Superintendents, eventually, now the parishad has crossed more than thirty years of the journey. The Parishad has reached this stage due to the inexhaustible love and collaboration of all Center Superintendents.

Bharatia Nandanik Parishad conducts examination in different subjects like Music, Instruments, Dance, Drawing, Recitation and Fabric and also provides B.Muse/B.Art and M.Muse/M.Art diploma after successful completion of seven and eight years course curriculum respectively. After completion of M.Muse, the examinees can enrol themselves for the B.ED at Bharatia Nandanik Parishad.

Thousand of candidates have passed and are appearing from the affiliated Center of Bharatia Nandanik Parishad. The course curriculum and syllabus are crafted by the eminent personalities of the Indian Music and culture industry, it allows the examinees to get their respective degree in a very short period.

Bharatia Nandanik Parishad appoints very talented people as examiners selecting from different parts of West Bengal. The Parishad also arranges the cultural programme in different parts of West Bengal for the candidates who are appearing through the affiliated Centers. The Parishad has a facility of Art exhibition, workshop and seminar on Drawing.

Why do you want to join Bharatia Nandanik Parishad ....

  • Students are given scholarships during the annual convocation held in Kolkata
  • Facility of releasing audio – video CD is also available
  • Students with excellent performance can get the opportunity of winning Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals
  • Every affiliated Center will be provided the Center Administrative charges upon submission of each examination form
  • The students of the Sixth year and B.Ed. with first division marks will be awarded a special memento
  • The students of the fifth year with first division marks will be awarded a special medal
  • The Center Superintendent providing more than 150 students will also be awarded a special prize
  • A special prize is also awarded to the center having more than 350 Students
  • Opportunities for the candidates to perform in singing, dancing, reciting, etc. in the convocation ceremony
  • The students will achieve the degree in their respective subject(s) within a very short period
  • Facilities for getting all the necessary documents through speed post is also available
  • The students can get the facility of workshops and seminars in different parts of India
  • The Center Superintendent is also get engaged as an Examiner
  • The Center will be awarded a prize if the Superintendent recommends five or ten new Centers with us in a year
  • A special financial rebate/discount is also available for the students with 50% of disabilities with proper proof


Main Branch:
P.O-Magra, G.T.Road, District - Hooghly, PIN - 712148 , West Bengal.

Please send mail to below email address or call at below number for any enquiry.

Websites: http://www.bharatianandanikparishad.org
Email: info@bharatianandanikparishad.org
Phone: 03326846126 / 9830255031


Rules & Regulations :

  • It is mandatory to have at least 25 to 30 examinees to take the affiliation of new Center
  • The Center Superintendent should fill up a new registration form by paying a center establishment fees
  • The session of the Parishad starts from July in every year
  • The tentative last date of submission of the examination form is 30th September in every year
  • The written examination held in January month every year.
  • All the affiliated centers must complete the Practical Examination by the end of May in every Year
  • The result sheet and mark sheet are sent to all the Centers in June & July of every academic year
  • Only one examiner will take the examination from Nursery to the Fifth year
  • All the necessary testimonials must be shared only through the registered/speed post or by hand.
  • A registration number will be provided to the Center after the affiliation
  • The center must have the rubber stamps of the registration number, center name and the signature of the Center Superintendent
  • The candidates of the fifth year, sixth year,and B.Ed. must provide two copies(Stamp size) recent photos and the phone number in the examination form
  • Candidate with 50% of disabilities must produce a proof of his/her disabilities at the time of examination form submission
  • In the second week of June, the convocation ceremony is held in Kolkata.
  • A renowned person is felicitated in the convocation ceremony as “GUNIJON SAMBARDHONA”. Besides an artist is also entitled to the title “SANGEET SADHAK”
  • Candidates below the age of 15 years shouldn’t fill up the fifth year, sixth year, and B.Ed. examination forms
  • The candidate will not be allowed to appear to the fifth-year examination directly
  • With the permission of the Center Superintendent, the examinee can take the third-year examination directly (with prominent proof)
  • The sixth-year and B.Ed. examination is held at the designated place which is chosen by the Parishad

Diploma & Year :

  • Nursery
  • Beginner – I
  • Beginner – II
  • Beginner – III
  • First Year
  • Second Year
  • Third Year (Junior Diploma)
  • Fourth Year (Senior Diploma)
  • Fifth Year (Sura Shilpi, Chitra Shilpi, Nritya Shree, and Abritti Shree)
  • Sixth Year (Sangeet Ratna, Chitra Ratna, Nritya Ratna, and Abritti Ratna)
  • B.Ed.

Subject :

  • Classical
  • Rabindra Sangeet
  • Nazrul Geeti
  • Bangla Gaan
  • Lok Geeti
  • Hawaii Guitar
  • Spanish Guitar
  • Tabla/Pakhawaj
  • Kathak Dance
  • Rabindra Dance
  • Lok Dance
  • Bharatanatyam
  • Creative Dance
  • Recitation
  • Ankan (Drawing)
  • Karukala
  • Fabric

A musical or cultural institute can affiliate to Bharatia Nandanik Parishad to get the diploma of their candidates for the above-mentioned subjects. Please go to “Download” section under “Others” menu to download the Affilication form.

These renowned personalities of India are awarded the “GUNIJON SAMBARDHANA” title

  • Mr. Dhirendra Chandra Mitra (Nazrulgeeti Singer & Ex-president of Bharatia Nandanik Parishad)
  • Mr. Dhiren Basu (Nazrulgeeti Singer)
  • Mr. Pulak Bandopadhyay (Lyricist)
  • Mr. Gouri Shankar Jayswal (Classical Singer)
  • Shibdas Bandopadhyay (Lyricist)
  • Mr. V. Balsara (Music Director & Artist)
  • Mr. Prabodh Bhattacherjee (Classical Singer & Harmonium Player)
  • Mr. Amar Pal (Folk Singer)
  • Mr. Manoj Mitra (Litterateur, Film director & Actor)
  • Smt. Sumitra Sen (Rabindra Sangeet Singer)
  • Mr. Kiran Roy (Litterateur, Writer of Bengali movie Antony Firingi)
  • Mr. Subir Sen (Singer)
  • Smt. Nirmala Mishra (Singer)
  • Mr. Shree Panchanan (Bengali Film Marketer)
  • Mr. Sashibhai Gathani (Gathani Record & Cassette)
  • Mr. Arun Ghosh (Drawing Artist)
  • Mr. Bablu Samaddar (Film Director)
  • Mr. Subrata Bandopadhyay (Lawyer)
  • Mr. Dipankar Chatterjee (Singer & Music Director)
  • Mr. Nirmal Chakraborty (Music Director)
  • Smt. Banashree Sengupta (Singer)
  • Mr. Chinmoy Roy (Film Director & Actor)
  • Mr. Biplab Chattopadhyay (Actor)
  • Smt. Haimanti Sukla (Singer)
  • Mr. Shibaji Chattopadhyay (Singer & Music Director)
  • Smt. Madhuri Chattopadhyay (Singer)
  • Mr. Utpalyendu Chakraborty (National Award Winning Film Director )
  • Mr. Suparnakranti Ghosh (Music Director)
  • Smt. Lopamudra Sinha (Television Actress)
  • Smt. Indrani Sen (Singer)
  • Mr. Surajit Chatterjee (Singer of Bhoomi Band)

Bharatia Nandanik Parishad has felicitated “SANGEET SADHAK” title to these eminent Artist

  • Mr. Ashok Mukherejee (Guitarist)
  • Mr. Laxmi Narayan Das (Classical Singer)
  • Mrs. Nitu Kapoor (Gazal Singer)
  • Mr. Bimal Baran Tripathi (Classical Singer)
  • Mr. Pramatha Nath Pal (Tabla Player)



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